Up All Night

Founded in 2020 by the accomplished DJ and producer, CARSTN, “Up All Night” stands as a testament to groundbreaking EDM. Located in Berlin, this label has quickly made its mark as a hub for innovative electronic music.

Dedicated to not just spotlighting top-tier talents but also fostering emerging artists, “Up All Night” operates with a clear vision: to establish an independent oasis for authentic dance music. While the mission is to challenge the conventions set by other labels, the emphasis always remains on celebrating genuine artistry. With a curated roster that boasts contributions from distinguished names in the industry, the label also takes pride in nurturing and showcasing the next wave of EDM prodigies. Talents like FDVM, Henri PFR, Jeonghyeon, WESH, Basti M, and Boy Kiss Girl have found their musical home with “Up All Night”.

Under CARSTN’s visionary leadership, “Up All Night” continues its journey, evolving with the times and consistently delivering the finest in electronic music.