Paula Hartmann - Credit: Jakob Furis

Paula Hartmann

It’s August 2021 … Paula Hartmann’s first single “Nie verliebt” is released and marks the kick-off for her eponymous debut album “Nie Verliebt”, which is to be released the following year.
Fast forward to 2023 and in retrospect, it’s safe to say: Paula Hartmann stepped quietly yet emphatically into the music world’s spotlight.
The Berlin-based artist’s music and its densely woven web of stories about the metropolitan city are so complex and of such high quality that mundane descriptions simply wouldn’t do them justice. Every word carefully deliberated, not a note too much, one willingly lets oneself fall into this finely spun web and accompanies Paula Hartmann on her odyssey through Berlin’s somber west – because wherever there is still light, Paula Hartmann kicks out the lanterns. “I’ve never been in love” the chorus of the eponymous debut single 2021 litigates.
And 2023? “Love is dead. And if it ain’t, I’ll stab it.”
It’s this duality that is palpable in Paula Hartmann’s music at all times. Love, pain, anger, despair – they’re emotions that have been sung about many times, but never as hauntingly as by Paula Hartmann. The way she manages to name even the subtle nuances of these sensations creates an impact that is hard to resist.